Undrowning: A practice of deep imagination

Our next opportunity to hold Blackness as sacred and cultivate space for deep imagination through our breath will be Sunday, August 21 st at 4pm ET. We will use Alexis Pauline Gumbs' award-winning book Undrowned: Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals as guided wisdom from the ancestors and inspirational guide for a 20/20 practice. The intention of a 20/20 practice is to cultivate self trust and permission to imagine and dream. Are you in? Let us know here ! We'll keep you updated. 
How to Start
  1. Start where you are, on the day you choose, and offer yourselves 20 mins for 20 days to imagine what is true for you. You will be in collective practice with other dreamers, ancestors, and your own imagination.
  2. Make a note (voice or journal) your inspired wisdom and questions that come up for you. Notice what you notice as you feel what you feel throughout the 20 days. 
  3. If you do not have 20 mins one day, simply touch the book or place one hand on your womb if that feels safe for you as a reminder of your intention to imagine with Blackness and Black people.
Here is permission to shape this practice as you desire. On Sunday August 21st we will gather to share what we've experienced, imagined, and felt so far through our individual practices. Reading of the book is not required to gather. The book is not the point although it is amazing to me. Cultivating space for Black people to practice with our imagination and breath is the intention. Details on our gathering to follow. Share our practice with whomever you believe this will resonate with.  
Here's how I will practice and my commitments. 
1. I will ask myself an intentional question, choose a number 1-20 and read the lesson corresponding with the number as guided wisdom 
2. I will sit with the question, what I read, and ask divine wisdom to lead me into my sacred womb of imagination and note what comes up. Release the desire for answers. 
3. I will use the "remember" solo activity suggestion in the back of the book as a way to remember my practice.  
Let me know how and if this resonates with you! 
with love and in deep imagination, 

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