About Imagine Me Free

Imagine Me Free was created out of necessity for my own survival and care as a Black woman. Stillness breeds imagination. Imagination touches possible. Possibilities are infinite.

In my time of stillness, I sought freedom from chaos and uncertainty by imagining myself and other Black souls free from the hurts and pains of this world. I imagined that we could actually protect ourselves and those we call Black girls and allow them the freedom to imagine, play, dream, create, and believe in all possibilities. I've since discovered that freedom lives in the chaos and dances with uncertainty--that the world I imagine is available to me through my breath, my body, my blood. Stillness breeds freedom.

And so I explore in the beautiful dark spaces these questions "what good is freedom from racism and oppression if our minds and bodies are not liberated? What do we want to make possible for Black people to imagine for ourselves through our work on this earth?" I imagine one day all of us, especially Black girls, women, and those who imagine us beyond gender, will be free in mind, body, and spirit.   Imagine Me Free is an invitation into experiences and practices of stillness in celebration of those days. And those days are here. 

Carmen D. Harris, Creator, Imagine Me Free