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Take Me to The Water

Welcome to your home for Black Imagination. Here we will co-create our own joy-filled play spaces and sacred sanctuaries to embody our deepest imaginations and pleasures. We'll explore our own bodies as the river banks and shorelines of our relationship to ourselves, one another, the land, and the future we are creating now. As a community of practice, Two Inches Beyond Black dedicates this first 7-day offering to the ones who choose The Water and remind us water is a resting place and home for Black Imagination, freedom, liberation, and love. click here to join us in 7 days of practice. visit for more information and other practices

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Summer of Black Imagination Series: Take Me to the Water

Take Me to the Water is the first of Two Inches Beyond Black's 2023 Summer of Black Imagination Series. The series is a regular offering of at-home guided experiences and in-person gatherings for Black people to be the spirit of imagination and celebrate Blackness as a source of creative play, pleasure, and trusted wisdom. Register Here

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Undrowning: A practice of deep imagination

Our next opportunity to hold Blackness as sacred and cultivate space for deep imagination through our breath will be Sunday, August 21 st at 4pm ET. We will use Alexis Pauline Gumbs' award-winning book Undrowned: Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals as guided wisdom from the ancestors and inspirational guide for a 20/20 practice. The intention of a 20/20 practice is to cultivate self trust and permission to imagine and dream. Are you in? Let us know here ! Continue to learn how I am practicing

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